St. Julians, Malta

CDB99F87-93B8-43FA-A6E3-26C642C571BA    A buddy of mine and I decided to hop on a last minute flight to Malta, which was only about 4 hours away from takeoff, nothing like a little spontaneity to keep the soul alive. After a Quick 40 minute flight from Catania, Sicily we land late Friday night in Malta. Our first stop is the duty free shop to pick up a bottle of vodka and get this party started. We waited in line for a cab to take us to the Hilton, which was only 20 Euro. As we drive through St. Julians I’m pleasantly surprised at all the people still out since summer has been over for almost 2 months and it’s still busy at the bars and the streets when I was expecting a ghost town.

Normally I stay in hostels because they are fun and cheap, and when I travel I spend anywhere between 10-14 hours walking and sightseeing so there is no need to spend loads of cash on a hotel that I don’t plan on lounging in. But this time I travelled with a friend who doesn’t like to “rough it”, so we stayed at the Hilton in St. Julians, Malta. We check in to the Hilton and it is beautiful with a super friendly staff and I start to wonder if I will ever stay at a hostel again. Let me tell you, the Hilton did not disappoint! The breakfast alone was worth it, lounging by the pool on a Saturday afternoon chowing down a club sandwich and fries with a great view of Mediterranean sea, also worth it.

F293AC98-C10C-44DC-B5A4-9DB401F008FAimg_0806.jpgSaturday we rented a quad and rode all over the island. Had dinner at Bad Ass Burger which was amazing, I have never heard of much less had truffle fries, so delicious. We liked it there so much we ate there again on Sunday night before heading to the airport. Speaking of Sunday, after we returned the quad we hopped in a taxi and headed to ferry so we could sail out to the blue lagoon. The blue lagoon is Beautiful small island like nothing else I have ever seen. The water was too cold for swimming so we walked around the island a bit then decided to go parasailing because why not. We had never been parasailing and it was as thrilling as we thought it would be. It was cool and we enjoyed it but it was like sitting on a park bench except we were a hundred or so feet above the sea.


After the blue lagoon we made our way to get our bags from the Hilton and headed to the airport after burgers. A friend of mine had suggested I should start a travel blog earlier that morning, so as I sit in the beautiful airport lounge in Malta Rondoview was born. Another great weekend for the books.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it!

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