Zurich, Switzerland

2 ½ hours in Zurich
I did what I could.
Old Town (Alstadt)

My journey to Bangkok, Thailand starts with Zurich. I noticed that I have a 4 hour layover in Zurich and decided that I was going to venture outside of the airport and do a bit of sight seeing. A somewhat quick 2 hour flight from Sicily and a 15 minute cab ride to Old Town (Alstadt) Zurich from the airport.
I told the cab driver I only had about 3 hours for sightseeing so he took me on a quick tour so I could take some pictures before dropping me off near the train station in Alstadt for a whopping 90CHF which is $70 or so.

Alstadt, what a clean city, and the people are even nicer. I walked through the streets and saw all the fancy shops and had a quick bite at Kaimugbox Fast Thai Restaurant (2nd picture below) Absolutely delicious, I sat on a concrete bench with a view of the river.

I continued to walk around and snap away before deciding to try the train. The train is definitely the way to go! Cheaper and faster than the taxi coming in at 6 CHF and only ten minutes maybe.


Zurich airport is HUGE! It took about 20minutes to get to my gate. I don’t have much to report on this town since I was only there for a few hours but I definitely enjoyed it. Here are some pics! And thanks for checking out Rondoview!
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  1. Yulianna says:

    Great photos! I was in Zurich on my birthday couple of years ago. I enjoyed staying there and walking between houses on the narrow streets. I foud that city very romantic.

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