Travel Tips for Bangkok, Thailand

What to Wear/Pack

IT IS HOT all year round. Pack light comfortable clothing, which makes it possible to pack only a carry on. For the temples your shoulders and legs have to be covered. All the tourists wear the elephant print pants which are possibly the most comfortable pants I have ever worn and they cost $3-4.

Sunglasses and water/sweat proof sunscreen are also highly recommended. The sunscreen comes in handy if you get a tattoo or burn easily because as stated before it is hot! As you can see in the pic below my mom wearing her cool shades while getting a tattoo.




haggle, haggle, haggle for everything! Tuk-tuk drivers, Taxi’s, any market or store, and all the street vendors, must be haggled. A vendor tells you a price of say 300Baht, give them a stern look and tell them 200Baht. Just think of it as playing a game and make it fun, it is part of the culture.




As of late 2017, $1 = 32 Baht (local currency) There is an ATM outside the airport just as you get by the Cab drivers and they have plenty of money exchanges at the airport. If you use the airport just get what you need for a cab which should be 400Baht if you take the cab and maybe 100-200 Baht for train.


How to get around

For transportation….DO IT ALL! Take a boat, take the train, hop on the back of one of the taxi motor bikes, but don’t hold on to the man for dear life, you have to hold the back of the bike. Definitely take a Tuk-tuk. Remember, Tuk-Tuks are for tourists so they will be more expensive than all other modes of transportation

They drive fast and wild so cross walks are a must. I saw a guy drive n the side walk because he wanted to get around the traffic, and the traffic is terrible, your better off taking the train or walking most places. If you do take a cab make sure you tell the cab to use the meter or they will charge extra. Emily in a Tuk-tuk below. So cute…..



Handicap Accessible…Not

If you need a wheel chair you can rent one for $10 a day from the hospital (they also charge a deposit that you will get back when you return it) Bangkok is not handicap friendly, the side walks are just as bad a s the roads and they don’t have ramps for wheel chairs anywhere. Mi poor old mum almost got thrown out of the wheel chair several times thanks to the bad road or side walk conditions. But every person we came across was more than willing to assist with the wheelchair. They are very good to their elders here and were constantly offering help with mia mamma.


Where to stay

Siam district- So many of the main shopping malls.                                                                

Sukhumvit district- Great night life.                                                                                  

Yaowarat district- This is the place for street food!

And please, please, please, no matter where you stay, you must have drinks on one of the many roof top bars! Its the perfect way to end a day of travel and adventure.



Do not take pics of military or police.

Be very respectful of Royal family, Buddha and others. It is against the law to disrespect the Royal Family or Buddha and my favorite policy which I try to live by is “Don’t be D*ck” and you will be just fine.



Don’t ride elephants or pay to pet a drugged up tiger. If you do want to play with elephants I strongly recommend elephant world which is a sanctuary for elephants that used to be in slavery. Elephant world is about a 3 hour drive by taxi from Bangkok, so make sure you leave early. You can prep food, feed and bathe the elephants and at lunch the staff provides an amazing meal.

website here:



Everything in Bangkok is made for convenience. So much fresh fruit chopped up and ready to go on the streets. And you can pay100Baht for almost anything. I absolutely fell in love with Pandan Chicken, Golden Bags and of course Pad Thai but you have to finish it all off with one of my favorite deserts Sticky rice & Mango. Welp, that is it for my travel tips, I hope it helps.



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