I have been to Iceland several times and it is one of those places that never gets old. There are some places that you see once and you don’t feel a need to go back…Not Iceland. I have been to Iceland twice for personal travel only for a few days each and then a third time for work that lasted a month, which was my last time.


Work trip to Iceland.

So this last time myself and a coworker left our beautiful sunny island of Sicily, Italy to giantesshead to a cold, windy, different kind of beautiful, Keflavik (Kef) Iceland. Kef is a charming small town with nothing but bomb ass restaurants and hotels, the town is only 10 minutes away from the main airport. Great place for a morning run or evening stroll because Kef is situated on a harbor with its very own snoring giant!



The giantess of the mountain is a kids book that has come to life. She resides in a cave on the side of the mountain, just follow the ginormous footsteps at the the far side of the harbor. On the opposite side of Kef is a viking ship museum at the end of the town which is cool if you have time to kill.

About 2 or 3 times my coworker and I would head to the Blue Lagoon and spend the evening relaxing and the warm geothermal bath. The Blue Lagoon is a must! The cheapest package is 60-80 ISK but it is worth it. The best way to end an amazing trip is by relaxing here. Depending on the time of year, you have to book a few days out and they only do appointments nowadays. Because of the Blue Lagoon I now take hot baths on a regular basis….so relaxing.

blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The waterfalls in Iceland are no joke, just driving along the road and thereis a beautiful, huge waterfall off to the left. One of the great things about all these natural waterfalls and geysers is that they are free.

Skogafoss fall


The golden circle is also a must! And while your on you drive to all the waterfalls don’t forget to stop and say hello to the horses, they are friendly and make for great pics. And the sheep look like cartoons! They are so fluffy and round like someone has drawn them on the beautiful green pastures, also great for pictures.




Seljalandsfoss Falls with Emily

On the way to the Black Rock Beach you will pass a waterfall or two and the abandoned airplane which is really cool and a bit eerie. My second time to Iceland was with Emily (my old roomy) and she had found this abandoned DC airplane crash site and wanted to visit it. It was maybe a mile walk to get to it, and then the rain started. We got a few good photos in before the rain came down and we took shelter in the fuselage of the plane till the rain slowed down, it didn’t come to a complete stop but light enough to still be horrible. That walk back was possibly the most miserable mile of my life.

DC plane

DC Plane Crash Site

The Black Rock Beach is beautiful and is also where you will see puffins unless you do a tour specifically for puffins which I recommend the speed boat tour in Reykjavik for whale watching and puffin tour. The speed boat was a blast and a great booty workout!

black rock beach

Black Rock Beach

Spend a day or two walking around Reykjavik, great places to eat with awesome stores to wonder through. They have a cool wax museum that goes through the history of Iceland, the detail of the wax figures is very realistic and a bit scary if you have someone grab you while your touching one wondering if its real. In that same area of the wax museum is a bunch of street art which is one of my favorite things about Reykjavik. Huge murals painted on the sides of buildings that are nothing shy of fabulous.


All the food I have had is amazing but here are the ones that really stood out in Keflavik and Reykjavik.


Olsen Olsen-Burgers, Hoagies and Fries

Kaffi Duus-Local Food (try the Whale)



Saeta Svínid (Sweet pig)– Get the Burger and Fries! The best Burger and Waffle fries I have ever had.

Ramen Momo-A very small Ramen restaurant. Absolutely delicious!

Haiti Cafe- I have never had Haitian food so I am not sure how authentic it is but it was also delicious.

Kaffivagninn- The Brunch here is amazing (Left pic) and Cafe Paris (right) for an Irish Coffee.



                                                                   Ciao for Now!


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  1. twobytour says:

    This is the second or third blog I’ve come across this in the ladt couple of days to mention Iceland. We gotta go. Lovely post, and your site layout is great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marcella Mind says:

    You really have had a great time! Iceland is one of the countries that are on my bucket list. I love the nature and I have already reads so many beautiful things about this country. The waterfalls are so pretty!

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