Oslo, Norway

My trip to Oslo starts with the plane ride over. Turns out a few co workers were on this flight with me. I ended up with an empty aisle so one of the ladies I work with came and sat next to me for a bit. Her and I were chit chatting and I take out an mint and offer her one to. This guy that was sitting behind me interrupts our convo to ask where we are from and your standard small talk of have we been to Oslo before type stuff. Then we ask if he has been to the states and he tells that he is band from the states because he is a felon. Well great, a simple no would have sufficed. He then proceeds to ask if we have any heavy medication that we can give him. Umm no. Then my co worker gets up and I put in my headphones and am listening to music when he taps me on the shoulder. He asks again if I have drugs, I again say no. Then he says that he thought he saw me give my friend drugs. I then told him that they were mints. Uninterested in mints he finally leaves me alone, thank goodness. Small talk is one of my pet peeves, I absolutely hate it.

We disembark the plane and i tell my coworkers about that guy and we all had a good laugh and went our separate ways for the most part. One of the guys was staying downtown Oslo and everyone else was not. He did his research on the train system which i didn’t so I follow him to the train and we take a quick trip to downtown Oslo and go our separate ways. I find my hostel after maybe 20mins of walking in the cold. I check in and drop my bags off. I always try to stay in female dorms because men smell and are very gassy, but there weren’t any available this time. I head downstairs to the reception and get quick directions to the main strip where all the action is. What a beautiful place. I stop at this Indian restaurant and am waiting in line behind 2 Indian men (speaking english)who are joking about the wait time and I had said something funny adding to there joke when they invite me to dinner with them. Why not, crowded place, I’m in one of the safest places on earth and as I said before, why not.

Turns out one of then is an eye surgeon and the other is a medical engineer or something like that. One has been there for 40 years and the other 4 months. The eye surgeon wears a turban and says his hair goes all the way down his back. He was telling me that if I am ever in need of help, to find anyone that wears a turban because they are required by religion to help anyone in need. The one who had been living here for 40years was saying that Norway was an amazing place because people are treated well there and that half the leaders are women. One thing he said that really stuck out was that he wanted to live in a place where everybody was treated like humans, which I thought was really cool and simply put. He knows the owners but they are out of town and the owners son come buy to say hello. This food was amazing! My dinner dates are telling me what I should try and how to eat certain things. We are stuffed, the one who knows the owner so kindly buys our dinner and stays behind to talk to some people. The other guy wants to show me the church, I am so tired but go anyway. I get the vibe that he is lonely and wants company. We sit in church and pray and talk some more. Cute very, very old church. I thank him, we say goodbye and I head to my hostel. What an interesting day.

I wake up bright and early to get some good pictures before everything is covered with people and made a stop at the viking ship museum and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History . Here are my photos.

Viking Ship Museum


Norwegian Museum of Cultural History


Ciao for now!

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