Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas, Galway


First country on my list for the next 10 days is Ireland. Some friends of mine are on the same flight so we make plans to meet for dinner. We grab our rental cars and the guy asks if I will be heading to Belfast, I say yes, thinking he is just making awkward conversation, nope. He then tells me Belfast is in the UK so he has to add €20 to my rental car fee. Great, thanks guy. Then he tells me that I have to purchase their rental insurance unless I have proof of having my own insurance. What was supposed to be a €40 rental is turning out to be €130 rental for 2 days.. I am so irritated at this point that I want to rent from another company but my friends next to me say its the same for them to. I now hate my sporty car that I’m sure I would have loved had I not felt I got swindled. The weather was cloudy and rainy, so far the trip is starting off strong and I’m really trying to talk myself off of the anger ledge. I enjoy dinner at the Hardrock Cafe with my friends and we go our separate ways. I walk Dublin for a bit before heading to bed.

The next morning I continue walking to see what I can see before starting my drive to Belfast. My 2 entire days in Ireland consisted of driving to Belfast, Giants Causeway, I stayed somewhere in between Giants Causeway and Galway for a night then drove over to Galway for a few hours. I had Shepherds pie and a beer for lunch in Galway and was not disappointed. Great town, beautiful place.


Cliffs of Moher

Then off to the Cliffs of Moher for an hour or so, then over to Limerick for a night, had a beautiful morning run in Limerick before flying out of Dublin later that day to head to Iceland.



Giants Causeway






Morning run in Limerick, Ireland


Morning sunrise in Limerick, Ireland




Skogafoss fall


A quick skip and a jump over to Keflavik, Iceland. I’m not going to go into depth because I have blogged about Iceland before so it wont be much different. so anyway, I get my rental car and head into Reykjavik to check into my hostel. I spent a day driving to all the places in my previous blog and am blown away by Iceland’s natural beauty. Around 3 am in the hostel  the fire alarm goes off, which isn’t terrible except after we all get back to bed it goes off again and continues throughout the night. Thank goodness it was a false alarm but super annoying.

blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon

That morning I decide to check into my flight for the following day. I check my email and do not see an email for the flight… panic sets in and I start to go through all my emails, still nothing. I ask the front desk of the hostel if I can use there phone since the website to the airline says it has 24hr customer service, false. The phone they have doesn’t make 1-800 calls or something like that so I then have to buy a phone card.  I call and get an answering machine telling me the hours of operation and they are closed on weekends….well great. I decide that I have to buy another ticket for the flight that leaves tomorrow. I’m pretty sure when I originally “bought” this ticket that it was only about $50. Now, the day before its $250. I cant miss this flight or the rest of the trip will be completely messed up. So, as much as i hated having to fork out that amount of cash, I am grateful that,  1. I had the funds to do so, and 2. that I don’t have to freak out about it anymore. After that debacle I went for a run into town along the waters edge of Reykjavik and enjoyed a casual stroll through the city before packing my bags to get ready for a very early flight the next day to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Stay tuned for the Copenhagen portion of the trip!



Ciao for now!

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