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My goal is 5 countries in 10 days. This is the Copenhagen portion.
Copenhagen is one of the best cities I have ever had the pleasure to visit. I started my journey in Ireland then Iceland and from there I shot over to Copenhagen.

I land in Copenhagen airport and get a rental car, which was my first mistake. IMG_E1022I learned my lesson from Ireland and did not tell them where I was going so they don’t charge me extra for driving into another country. The drive into town took about 20 minutes but finding parking took even longer. Eventually I find parking on a street that other cars are parked on so I figure its fine, which leads to my second mistake. I find my hostel and turns out they have a free dinner every night and the breakfast is pretty cheap. I put my stuff down and get some good tourist info about free tours of the area and one tour just so happens to be in an hour. I hit up the ATM for cash while I wait so I can tip the guy, and it wont let me. The bank must have thought I had stolen identity from the previous countries. I have no cash and no way to use my card. While on the tour I am frantically emailing the bank to let them know I am in Denmark. When the tour is over I shamefully leave quickly. As I pass an ATM I decide to try my luck and….It works! I make my way back to the hostel and they let me know there is anotherIMG_E1024 tour in the morning for another part of the city, so I am hopeful that I will get the same guy so I may tip him for both days.

I finish up the evening by continuing to walk through the streets of Copenhagen, there is so much to see here. I go to bed with tired feet and a guilty conscience about not tipping. The next day I catch a new walking tour and am happy to see the tour guide from the day before, I make sure to make my way to his group and right my wrong at the end of the tour. All is right in the world again and I can now send my anxiety packing. Tired from walking I decide to drive into Malmo, Sweden. I get to the car and see there is a ticket for 570 Krone (76 Euros)…. Excellent. A quick drive into Malmo,



Sweden then to a beautiful very small picturesque town in the middle of nowhere. Its a cold and cloudy Sunday so a lot of shops are closed.

My plane the next day does not leave until 5pm so I have plenty time to stop at the worlds first theme park, thankfully not too far from town. I love roller coasters so this was a great end to my Denmark trip. I turn the car in before my flight to Paris, France.

Please enjoy the pictures from my trip… stop Paris.


World’s First Theme Park






The Little Mermaid


Ciao for now!

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